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ул. Караглух, дом 3, Шуши 375000 Виды деятельности - Жилье / Гостиницы   Учреждения  

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Находится по адресу Азербайджан Агдам ул. Караглух, дом 3, Шуши 375000. Телефон для связи +374 41 019018. Точный адрес на карте. Как добраться, уточнить на официальном сайте https://avetians-info.business.site/

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понедельник: 24 часа в сутки
вторник: 24 часа в сутки
среда: 24 часа в сутки
четверг: 24 часа в сутки
пятница: 24 часа в сутки
суббота: 24 часа в сутки
воскресенье: 24 часа в сутки
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Stayed here some weeks ago. After meeting the owner in the street she lead to this place. There is a large room with five comfy beds and a nice clean bathroom en suite. The daughter, Mariam speaks good English. And as there was no where suitable to eat in town they offered to make me dinner, even asking what I would like. The breakfast consited of a selection of homemade jams, bread, cheese etc which I prefer to some of the really heavy (but good!) breakfasts offered by guesthouses on the trail. Furthermore Mariam sent me a message later concerned that I'd been overcharged by 1000 dram, and was adamant I be refunded! So they certainly care about their guests here.
Rob McHenry
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Avetian's B&B

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