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Находится по адресу Азербайджан Баку Баку, Азербайджан. Телефон для связи . Точный адрес на карте. Как добраться, уточнить на официальном сайте

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Отзывы о Central School of Arts от посетителей и не только - читать Баку; Central School of Arts отзывы - много интересного от покупателей и посетителей; Что пишут уволенные сотрудники и работники?
Baku, one of the most beautiful world’s cities is located at the joint of Europe and Asia. The capital’s name itself is interpreted as a “wind blow”, “city of winds” or “hill”, “city on the hill”. The port city of Baku, the cultural, industrial and political capital of Azerbaijan is located on the western Caspian seaside, on the bay shores of the same name in the southern part of the Apsheron Peninsula, rich in its oil fields. Baku consists of 11 administrative districts and 5 townships. Cultural Baku Baku is the largest cultural center of Azerbaijan. It is the place where a national theatre, the first in Muslim East, lifted the curtain, the first opera was performed, the first Azerbaijan newspaper was published, the first Azerbaijan library was opened. Today Baku is known to have 30 museums, 7 theatres, 11 institutions of higher education, philharmonic, opera theatre, film studio, cinema theaters and libraries housed in the city’s most beautiful buildings having an interior decoration which is every bit as good as their interior cultural content. Industrial Baku Baku is the largest industrial center. It is the place of concentration of ancient oil fields, well-known Oil Stones, unique plant of deep water foundations, high-capacity derrick barges, and modern drilling floating units. It is also famous for developed oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical, light, food, engineering branches of industry, oil equipment production, building materials, instrumentation, electrical engineering and radio electronics, shipbuilding. Baku is a large rail junction and port terminal in the Caspian Sea. Beginning from 1967 the Baku underground was put into operation in the capital.
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Central School of Arts

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