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23 Vardan Mamikonyan Street, Stepanakert 375000


+374 97 200111

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Находится по адресу Азербайджан Агдам 23 Vardan Mamikonyan Street, Stepanakert 375000. Телефон для связи +374 97 200111. Точный адрес на карте. Как добраться, уточнить на официальном сайте http://kt.am/

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Last year, it took them almost two months to install the internet at my rented apartment. The prices are exorbitant even for me, a Canadian. They are doing what they want, because they do not have a competition here. Lately I have learned that they simply block some systems in order to make even more money and prevent people using VoIP. This costed me a family reunion, because my son could not work from Artsakh. Terrible... I put a second star only because there are some very nice and helpful people working for KT. Otherwise, this is the worst experience i have ever had with internet and telephone companies.
Vicky T.
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
So I came to Artsakh to visit some family and friends and to work from here as a digital nomad (managing my company back in Canada through the internet) I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that this organization is simply a ridiculously expensive monopoly sucking its people dry. This to the point that they have blocked SIP ports so that people and businesses cannot use VOIP service and have to buy their overpriced plans. So, though sheer force of greed, what KT has accomplished is that I, a foreigner who was going to spend money in Artsakh for weeks and possibly months, will be returning to yerevan tonight because I cannot work from Artsakh. Great job guys! #merjirkarabakhtelecomin
Haik kazarian
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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